Customer Testimonials

Although I had experience as a part-time landscaper, I had challenges with obtaining financing after retiring from my full-time employment. I soon realized that lenders wanted a history of consistent revenue to get preferred rates. After talking with a few different lenders, Tim was able to find one that could see the potential for my business instead of just looking at the most recent 90 days of revenue. I was very happy working with Tim!

Russell Barber.B&B Landscaping in Clovis, CA.

Tim definitely worked really hard for me and really went above and beyond what my expectations were. I had never purchased commercial equipment before and we were in desperate need of a flat-bed truck for our firewood business. I felt comfortable with Tim explaining in detail the process as well as clearly stating how my loan worked. I will be using Tim and JCF when I purchase my next truck.

Marvin Henry.H&H Wood Products in Oregon City, OR.

When I first contacted Tim at JCF to purchase a skid-steer, he was concerned that lenders might not consider it as a piece of equipment that would be essential for my business. Not only did Tim find a lender that understood my need for it but he used a private lending company that offered rates and terms far below norm with larger lenders. I was very happy with Tim’s service; he was a very nice and helpful guy!

Eric Guillen.Guillen Truck Lines, LLC in Fort Hancock, TX.

Tim at Joslen Commercial Funding kept contact with me for many months before I was finally ready to purchase a reefer trailer. The process was quick and done with professionalism. I was so happy, I am currently working with them to purchase another trailer. They are appreciated very much and am thankful for their help.

Drazan Bhatti.Lilly of Valley Transport in Everett, WA.

I was referred to Joslen Commercial Funding by a dealer that I was purchasing a skid-steer through. I was frustrated that I had been turned down previously from other lenders. Tim was able to not just get financing for me in a day but the terms were also great! We closed the deal within days, and I was able to get to work right away.

Casey Jones.J&J Agri Service in Hamilton, MO.

We were referred to Joslen Commercial Funding by an out-of-state dealer in Oregon. We were traveling to see the eclipse and found the utility truck that we wanted. They said they deal exclusively with Tim at JCF for financing, and now I know why. We were very pleased with the professionalism, whether it was the knowledge of where to get the best possible terms or the 7-day a week communication that he gives. We would highly recommend Tim’s services.

Veronica Villanueva.R&V Mobile Auto Repair in Winnemucca, NV.

When I first contacted Tim to purchase an over-the-road sleeper tractor, he told me about the challenges that lenders often have with certain trucks. Ultimately, he encouraged me to consider a repossessed truck by a lender. Although there were some frustrations in the amount of time for repairs, I ultimately got a truck that had every issue worked on and/or repaired. Tim worked with lender to even delay my first payment for 90 days. I will definitely be using Joslen Commercial Funding services for my next purchase.

Daymeon Bradford.Worldwide Web Solutions Transport, LLC in View Park, CA.

A local Las Vegas truck dealer referred me to Tim at JCF. Due to my full time position as a head pastor and a part-time truck driver, there were some issues and complications with my loan, but in the end Tim got them all worked out. I was even able to use collateral in lieu of the $8,000 down payment the lender initially was requiring. I enjoyed working with Tim and I would use him for any other financing needs in the future.

Carey Connor.Christian Embassy Worship Center in Henderson, NV.

I went to a vast number of finance companies and was declined financing because of my poor credit score. I was introduced to Joslen Commercial Funding by a guy l knew. I gave them a call and they quickly got me a loan to finance my box truck. Their service was wonderful and they worked with me on the down payment, sales tax, and doc fees. They were truly amazing. My next truck will definitely be through them!

Ferman Hough.Superb Deliveries in Cleveland, OH.

Joslen Commercial Funding found me a lender that was willing to work with me and get creative, and I was able to obtain the equipment that I needed. My experience was awesome. Tim did a great job where others could not come close. Thanks so much.

Tony Leanza.Olmsted Farm Stables in Olmsted, OH.

Joslen Commercial Funding was referred to us to help with financing an additional dump truck for our business. We found Tim to be professional and very conscientious and consistent with his communication. Once we had secured financing and took possession of our truck, we reached out to JCF again to help us expand our business with a working capital loan. We were very satisfied with the services.

Sandra Marsh.Pacific Crest Excavating in Battle Ground, WA.

I have done multiple loans with Joslen Commercial Funding and have been quite pleased with the efficiency and professionalism that they showed each time. One of our purchases was through an auction house, which put us under a time constraint for funding, but even with the auction house complicating the situation, we met our deadlines and got the day-cabs we desperately needed.

Ann Shepherd.Justin Fitzer Construction in Kinta, OK.