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Tim Joslen, Owner

My name is Tim Joslen and I am the founder and owner of Joslen Commercial Funding, LLC. I have been in the insurance and financing industry for over 35 years. In 2014 I made a decision to pursue commercial financing full-time and turned my other business interests over to partners or other qualified people to run. I desired to move entirely out of the unpredictable ever-changing health insurance industry that I had spent the past 30 years working in. I have been an entrepreneur since I was very young. I believe I have the ability to help other businesses start or expand their business. With my help in obtaining financing, counsel and providing motivation, when needed, I believe I can play a part in the success of those I am fortunate enough to work with.

Commercial financing is a big industry and I knew to provide the best quality service for clients I would need to acquire the necessary education and the on-going support of trade organizations such as the AACFB of which I am a member. The schools I attended and the extensive research I privately did was all valuable but that is not why Joslen Commercial Funding has risen to a go-to successful company in a short period of time. Our success comes from heart-felt goals.

  • Desire that your client be able to start or expand their business
  • Explain the process and educate fully
  • Be available to the client at all times
  • Always deal with unquestionable integrity!

I understand that any successful long-term business depends on building a credible reputation. I ask that you check out the testimonials on this site. There is no greater compliment or sense of gratitude as when a client gives their words of satisfaction for my services.

I consider it a compliment when my services are requested. I look forward to working with you, whatever your needs are.

To your business success,


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