Why Choose Joslen Commercial Funding?

February 2022

Joslen Commercial Funding, LLC (JCF) specializes in used Heavy Equipment and Truck financing and leasing as well as working capital loans for small businesses. We are a small family-owned and run company. I have often been asked why JCF does not expand its national presence and offer other financial lending options. The answer is simple;

Because it is of upmost importance that every client receive the high level of service they deserve.

This high level of service cannot be offered if JCF wanted to be ‘all things to all people’. The four points below are the cornerstones to what I believe defines the quality of service that JCF provides.

Concern for your Credit - Earlier this year I was talking to a brand new business owner looking to purchase his first piece of equipment. He informed me that he was going to cut out “the middleman” and go directly to a lender because he “didn’t want his credit to be run over and over.” In spite of the fact that most National Lenders will only accept an application through its network of Brokers, I explained that it made more sense to let JCF run his credit once and then know what lenders we would be wasting our time with. JCF can almost always get approvals from lenders using the report I give them or they may choose to a ‘soft pull’ only which does not go down as an inquiry so ultimately will not affect a credit score.

Knowledge of Equipment – All lenders have some type of criteria on equipment that they will finance. There are numerous combinations of criteria. Type of equipment? Titled? Year? Hours? Miles? Geographic location? Price? Down payment required? Maybe you have $3,000 to invest in a piece of Equipment or maybe you have $10,000? Is your credit score 550, 650, or 750? A knowledgeable professional should know exactly what other options that open up for a borrower. JCF is committed to always having that knowledge by constantly interviewing new lenders and keeping up with current lender’s changes which happen frequently.

Communication – My goal is for a client or potential borrower to never ‘wonder’ what is the status of their application or the processing of their loan. For those of you that have finalized funding equipment with JCF, you know that we are not just accessible during office hours. Every client has all contact information as different businesses have their preferred method of communication. Whether that be phone, email or texts all are answered 7 days a week. Doing everything possible to shorten the time to process and fund your equipment is a priority as I know how important it is to let your new equipment begin creating revenue for your business.

Trust – I have been self-employed and dealing with small businesses my entire adult life. There is no customer service that can be offered that is more important than gaining someone’s trust that they are being dealt fairly with. JCF takes very seriously the trust that is put with us. Your credit, your personal information, and your confidence that we choose the right lender are important. This means based on your equipment, credit score, down payment etc. that you have the peace of mind that you know your business is valued by the transparency with every transaction.

Our ultimate goal is that you feel your experience with JCF is all of the above. Please know that I appreciate and value all who choose JCF for their financing and it is never taken for granted.

To your success,


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