JCF Offers More than just Equipment Loans

February 2020

Joslen Commercial Funding, LLC is committed to helping out small businesses with financing of all kinds. Below is a summary of different ways we have been providing for business owners.

Providing financing for the micro-small businesses in all 50 states has been JCF focus for years. We know the lenders to go to which saves you time and money. Lending for new and used heavy equipment and trucks can be tricky in the sense of knowing what the numerous lenders in the marketplace desire. Credit score, Time in Business, Geographic Area, Type of Equipment, Type of Business, Age of Equipment etc. are all important as almost all lenders specialize in a special ‘space’. If a lender says they operate in every space they still have specific criteria that JCF is aware of. This saves you time as well as keeps your credit from being run over and over again.

Click here to apply for Equipment Financing

There are many advantages to having a business Line of Credit. (LOC) Quick access to cash, funds being unsecured, ability to build business credit, covering unforeseen expenses and the ability to separate personal and business expenses are just a few. The lender that JCF has partnered with will offer a LOC from $1,000 - $100,000. The underwriting requirements are in 3 separate categories. $1,000 - $10,000, $10,000 - $30,000 and $30,000 to $100,000. There is no minimum FICO score but you must have been in business for 3 months or longer. Deposits must average over $5,000 per month and no bankruptcies in the past 5 years. Click below to apply. Checking credit will be a ‘soft’ pull and will not affect your score.

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Working capital can be very important for small businesses for many reasons. Increase in hiring, upcoming slow season, increase in orders, expansion and more. Established businesses that show consistent revenue have the best chance of approval. The business doesn’t necessarily have to show as profitable, but if they aren’t they will need to show a steady increase with bank statements. Generally, a lender will ask for the last six months of business bank statements. Depending on individual credit, tax returns and a YTD profit and loss statement may be asked for. Although a business plan is definitely appreciated by a potential lender, it is rarely required. Click below to apply. Checking credit will be a ‘soft’ pull and will not affect your score.

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Invoice Factoring bridges the gap between invoicing your customer and getting paid: no more waiting 30-90 days to get paid. You benefit from steady cash flow you can use for daily operating expenses such as purchasing fuel or to help meet payroll and those surprise repair bills. Plus: Same day funding, No minimum monthly requirement, Free collections and debtor credit monitoring, No setup fees, Flexible program, Fuel card programs. Click below to apply for factoring or for more information. You can also call Tina Cawthorn direct at 1-888-266-0211

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Click here for more information on Factoring

Joslen Commercial Funding has other tools available to you from credit repair to free small business advice and consulting. Please call anytime if there is some way we can help.

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