How Does a Lender Determine Finance Terms on Used Equipment? (Part 1!)

April 2021

I am often asked by potential buyers of used equipment, “what will my terms be?” after I am given their most recent credit karma score. While a credit score definitely holds value and is something that every lender looks at, there is other criteria that is very important to them.

Number of Trade lines – The more the better! These are credit accounts that show up on your credit report. While personal responsibility often tells us that credit is not a good thing, when you are looking for commercial financing lenders are definitely looking for a history of credit. In regards to credit cards the percentage of utilization of your card limit has a big impact as well. Having a number of cards all maxed out or close to it is a huge problem.

Comparable Credit – I often see accounts for rental furniture, tires etc. that are current but was for maybe $1,000 when taken out. That definitely is a positive to a lender but not near as much of a positive as a past car loan or other credit vendor for $40,000. That might be a car or anything else personal or business. If you are looking for a $40,000 Dump truck, for example, the lender puts a lot of value on that comparable credit.

Outstanding Judgements and Liens - These will definitely bring down your score but I often see other good credit off-set this. What is critically important is if there is a payment plan that has been set up that a lender can see. This is most applicable with tax liens and child support. Almost all lenders will not offer financing if there are outstanding taxes or child support.

Bankruptcies – Different lenders have different criteria and it also matters whether it is a chapter 7 or 13. (That is another article) A bankruptcy should not discourage anyone from applying for credit as lenders have proven to be somewhat sympathetic, especially during the 2007 – 2010 time period. Bankruptcies must be discharged although with a Chapter 13 there often are exceptions.

Delinquencies – A slow payment history on any credit account will affect your score but accounts that were 30-120 days late 5 years ago are looked at much differently than if they are the past 6 months. While this ultimately affects your credit score anyway, some borrowers have a number of ‘good’ criteria that their score is still respectable even with delinquencies. A lender, however, does strongly look at this area.

What else? – This is part one of a two part article. Above is all of the credit scenarios that are taken into consideration to obtain financing and eventually has a big part in determining your final interest rate. Next month we will discuss the criteria outside of credit that mean a lot to lenders.

It is important to understand that while great terms on a used equipment loan is very much preferred and something to be proud of, I can accommodate almost all credit situations. Ultimately every small business owner needs to compare the Return On Investment (ROI) with the terms they receive with a goal of growing their business and credit history. I have told many of you reading this now that the next time we do business I will pursue a lender that offers better terms as you improve your business and credit situation.

To a successful month,


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