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January 2022

For the past few years, I have used the first Newsletter of the year to give a sample of the businesses that we were able to help with their financing needs for the year ending.

In spite of 2021 proving to be a challenging year in a number of ways, Joslen Commercial Funding was still able to help dozens of small business owners finance the equipment and trucks they needed. It was not the economy that slowed down purchasing but the lack of inventory due to a shortage of parts, layoffs at assembly lines etc. JCF is proud of its reputation in the commercial financing industry and the services that it can provide with its network of dozens of National lenders. It is this reputation that sends referrals and repeat customers our way.

Below are some examples of the help we were able to give and what makes JCF a unique commercial lending firm.

Jose V (New Castle CO)
This client was starting a new excavation and foundation company. JCF noticed that although this was a new venture, the client had filed his LLC 3 years previous. This allowed us to take advantage of a longer TIB (time in business) which allowed the customer single-digit rates which is extraordinarily rare for a borrower in this situation. Needless to say the customer was ecstatic.

Dennis W (Lebanon OR)
Log truck driver had substantial down payment and needed to fund a truck asap. The seller was a consignment company which lenders often want to treat as a private party sale and can slow transactions down. The borrower also wanted the ability to pay off the loan without penalties. JCF secured a lender from the East coast that met the criteria and the deal was funded quickly.

Tony W (Warden WA)
Farmer in rural Washington state needed a skid-steer for general farm duties and hoped to have delivery quickly. JCF found a lender that offered superb rates but also offered DocuSign ability. Because hard copies were not needed the transaction was funded in two business days even though some additional documentation was needed.

Eric O (Crescent Valley NV)
This borrower had a full time job but wanted to use his excavation skills to work during week-ends and when he had time off. Along with his spouse, JCF coached them on going through the proper channels to get their LLC and business bank account set up. They were able to purchase a skid-steer for this new venture. Due to homeownership and good credit they were able to obtain exceptional rates for a start-up business.

Russell B (Clovis CA)
This small business owner ran a landscape and fencing company. He said “I have worked many years for someone else and am looking to do more work on my own. I can get jobs word of mouth as I have been in the construction business my whole life.” JCF found him the perfect lender for his situation.

Michael T (Corvallis MT)
Long time logger was looking to expand his business that he had started 2.5 years prior. Business had gone well right through the pandemic and an additional processor was needed. Financing logging operations has been dropped by the majority of lenders, but JCF makes it a priority to know what lenders will take the time to hear about the entire logging operation, including prices, contracts etc.

Daymeon B (View Park CA)
I was able to help this owner obtain financing for a semi-tractor in 2020. Business has been good and he needed a third truck. We went back to the same lender as the year before and because of his exemplary payment record, was able to obtain rates that we would not have been able to find otherwise.

To see more personal testimonials from JCF Clients, please visit our Testimonials page.

Joslen Commercial Funding wishes you the very best in 2022. Please let us know how we can help you in any way.

Until next month,


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