HELLO 2020!... and a look back at 2019

January 2020

It is an exciting time with a new year upon us. Traditionally it is also a time when business and personal goals along with resolutions are made. It should also a time of reflection and thanks as well. Every year I dedicate the January edition of my newsletter to profile a few of the customers Joslen Commercial Funding was able to help in 2019. I reserve these profiles for first-time customers of JCF. Earlier this year this newsletter talked about how over 60% of JCF business YTD was REPEAT business. That number held constant for the year as well. THANK YOU to all you who have allowed me to work for your financing needs on multiple deals over the years.

Dave J, Northern California logger

Needed $85,000 for Feller-buncher to fulfill the new contract. Had no previous commercial credit.

Frank S, Ohio truck driver

Needed $30,000 for engine rebuild expenses. Obtained title loan also known as Sales Leaseback for expenses.

Jeremy V, Idaho long-haul truck driver

Financed additional over the road sleeper tractor for $37,000.

Joe L, Washington logger

Start-up business. Obtained financing for $37,800 Skidder

Robert H, Montana stone fabrication company

Needed $50,000 working capital loan for new equipment and expansion.

Jon K, Northern Idaho long-term logging company

Obtained $75,000 for much-needed Log Loader.

John D, Oregon construction company

Needed a flatbed truck for $10,000.

Steve L, Idaho logger

Needed log truck and trailer. Obtained $57,500 needed.

Patrick E, Colorado contractor

Needed access to business Line of Credit. Was approved for $10,000.

Jason D, Washington start-up excavation company

Obtained financing for $17,500 dump truck

Robert N, Washington logger

Needed financing for $25,000 log truck and trailer

Again, thanks to ALL who have been a part of making 2019 a record-setting year for Joslen Commercial Funding. Please let me know how I can help in 2020.


Famous Quotes

"I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's."

Henry Moore

Did You Know???

Facts About January

  1. The weather of the first 12 days of the year is said to be indicative of the following 12 months.
  2. January 17 is Benjamin Franklin’s birthday. He was not only a world-renowned statesman, inventor, and scientist, but was also fascinated by agriculture.
  3. January 25 is the Chinese New Year in 2020! This festival is celebrated on the second new moon after the winter solstice. Chinese New Year is marked by fireworks, traditional lion dances, gift-giving, and special foods.
  4. The Full Wolf Moon reaches peak fullness at 2:21 P.M. EST on Friday, January 10, 2020. It can be seen rising from the horizon around sunset that evening.
  5. On January 5, 2020, Earth will be at perihelion. Perihelion is the point in Earth’s orbit where it is closest to the Sun—only 91,398,199 miles away!

Just for Laughs!

A man walks into a bar and it’s empty – it’s just him and the bartender. He sits down and orders a drink.

He hears someone whisper, “Pssst…I like your tie.” The man looks around but doesn’t see anyone.

“Pssst…that color looks nice on you.”

He asks the bartender, “Excuse me, but…are you speaking to me?”

The bartender rolls his eyes and says, “No, sorry about that. It’s the peanuts… they’re complimentary.”

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